We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

I'm Jazz and i rly like banana bread. I'm a pretty cool/lame animator who spends my days thinking hard about how cool pixar is.
i wish that chicken nuggets weren't so overpriced. My dog’s name is Skeeta and she spends her days peeing on all the things i love. i can only cook noodles and toast, i am so sorry.

My hobbies include obsessing about unnecessary things and laying on the floor. Apparently I tend to not finish my sentences (???) and I've never been on a hay-ride.

But one day
I will rule the world.

My personality is ~ENFP~ and im an empath
I track myrobotlandlord
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steve buscemis streaking

so im getting interviewed by a Disney World recruiter on thurs morning I MADE MINE TO BE THE FIRST INTERVIEW EEYUEGEHE EHEGEH / im 96% confident 4% nervous


x ay x


yeah, you could say i’m a gamer



Crepes shop in Shanghai ^^

together both the dogs ripped up a toilet roll and managed to scatter it in 5 different rooms. i truly believe it was a team effort and they deserve a gold star for collaboration, but now i have to clean it all up OTL

On Sketchbooks


I got into a conversation with someone on Twitter about Sketchbooks and how to work in them.


Personally I’ve got a long and fraught history with Sketchbooks and like many difficult relationships in my life, it took years to finally get to a place where the Sketchbook and I could be…

i miss your art jazz

me too


Flamingos take refuge in a bathroom at Miami-Metro Zoo, Sept. 14, 1999 as tropical-storm force winds from Hurricane Floyd approached the Miami area.


I’ve seen a few people doing these and with all the Pokemon cards I’ve got laying around I just had to try it…plus I wanted an excuse to bust out the acrylics. I think I’m addicted.

If anyone wants to buy them they’re up for grabs on my brand new Etsy shop!

x oh x my x